Thursday, July 20, 2017

#213: Interrogation

Another criticism concerning Sovereign Citizen’s plan was with how he assumed that killing off people of low intelligence would del facto eliminate people who were “ignorant.” To be sure, “ignorant” and “intelligent” are not mutually exclusive terms. One can be highly educated while also clinging to irrational beliefs. For example, Dr. Ben Carson is one of the most skilled neurosurgeons within the nation, so much so that he was able to successfully separate conjoined twins who were joined at the brain, yet he also believes that the pyramids were used as grain silos. Just because he was intelligent enough to become a famous brain surgeon does not mean he isn’t also ignorant on other matters.

As such, it would probably behoove Sovereign Citizen to thoroughly interrogate the living who remained to ensure that they did not harbor any irrational beliefs that would further impede society from his superior future. Of course, I say that with full understanding that he is the villain within this story arc, and this his actions or intentions should not be something to applaud. I am in no way advocating that we ought to commit genocide on stupid people within society. However, you really have to wonder, wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we didn’t have too many people who believed vaccines caused autism or GMOs were harmful or who tried to stymie racial relations through race baiting? I think it would.