Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#211: Another Man's Nightmare

The two people in the very last panel are the Breatharian couple who have allegedly survived years without food and water. Their story was fake news, of course, yet it went viral nevertheless.

You would hope that people are not stupid enough to believe something so transparently false. I don’t need to explain to you all that we need food and water, do I? It’s not even a fact we need to be taught. It’s an instinct we learn upon first being born. We get hungry and thirsty for a reason. We need food and water to survive. To believe otherwise would be going against our most basic instincts.

So how could anyone fall for an obviously fake “Breatharian” couple, especially when they have admitted to eating several times before? How can anyone sincerely believe such nonsense? I mean, people do realize that this is nonsense, right? It’s not like we have people who have killed themselves trying to emulate what quacks like these two have allegedly done, right? Right?

OH F***ING S***!

This is it, folks! Our species has become too stupid to eat. When we have members of our own species dying because they believed the nonsense being peddled by so-called “Breatharians”, can we really be surprised that they voted en masse to elect a greedy, self-centered reality show star to become our leader? This is peak Idiocracy!

So considering how anti-intellectual our society has become, would Walt Disney have been able to pitch his city of the future today? I honestly don’t think so. And you want to know why? Because of all of the hate surrounding Silicon Valley. The greatest innovators of our time, the modern day titans of industry, from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg, rather than being worshiped for their contributions, have all become vilified and demonized, mostly by the left, for being more successful and well-off than most other Americans.

When greedy, selfish ingrates would rather have the wealth redistributed to them from Silicon Valley tech billionaires than allow those entrepreneurs to use their wealth and influence to pave the road to a superior future, could Disney have ever been able to pitch his original Epcot proposal today? Not when our society hates entrepreneurs!