Monday, July 17, 2017

#210: A Dream Lost

If you’re confused by the last panel, there’s a rumor (that has since been confirmed!) that Epcot will be closing the Universe of Energy pavilion and turning it into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Guardians of the Galaxy. And I would love to see Disney World build a ride based off of my favorite Marvel movie. But Epcot Center is simply the wrong place for it! A Marvel comic book movie ride belongs in Hollywood Studios, not in Epcot Center, the theme park designed to teach children about science, technology, and world cultures. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to replace one of the original opening day Epcot attractions.

Then again, perhaps the corporate hacks running Disney have a point in replacing this ride. I mean, what exactly would children take away from a ride that taught them about the different types of energy? It’s not like they would ever need to know any of that information. It’s not like we’re experiencing an impending energy crisis that’s being exacerbated through climate change.