Sunday, July 16, 2017

#209: One Man's Dream

The footage that Sovereign Citizen is watching is from the 1966 film of Walt Disney’s original Epcot proposal. Yes, rather than building yet another theme park, Walt originally wanted Epcot Center to be a city of the future that showcased the latest scientific and technological innovations. In fact, the name Epcot itself is an acronym for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” Sadly, due to Walt’s untimely death, his “Community of Tomorrow” never came to be, and his idea for Epcot was later changed into a theme park.

What I wouldn’t give to visit the alternate reality where Disney lived long enough to build his city of the future. How cool would it have been? On the one hand, he had many great ideas for what a futuristic city would include, from monorails and peoplemovers, to underground roads and climate-controlled areas. On the other hand, from a more realist perspective, you have to wonder, would Epcot have worked?