Monday, May 22, 2017

#197: BLM (Part 1)

To all of the oversensitive special snowflakes who are most likely typing “this is racist!” and “check your privilege!” in the comments below, here are a few clarifications.

1) No, this comic is not “racist” because it’s not making fun of black people. This comic is making fun of black supremacists and other extremists within “Black Lives Matter.” If you consider that to be “racist”, then you’re no different from “white genocide” conspiracy nuts who think “anti-racist = anti-white.”

2) The man being featured in this comic is Gazi Kodzo, a self-proclaimed “black supremacist” who, aside from holding other toxic views such as anti-Semitism and homophobia, proudly exhibits racism towards white people. In one video, he claimed that the torture of a disabled white boy on Facebook Live by four Chicago black teens was justified because of the historical torture and exploitation of black people in America. Making fun of a racist scumbag like him is not “racist.” Him acting like a racist scumbag is!

3) If you think it’s a “strawman” to argue that some black people want to achieve “justice” by killing white people, consider this: a black professor at Texas A&M University advocated for killing white people, saying, “in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.” Let’s not mince words: that is hate speech. If a white professor had advocated for killing black people, he would be fired; yet this black professor remains employed.

4) The man screaming “Live on Nicca News 9!” is a caricature of some attention whore on YouTube and Facebook who makes inane videos called, well, “Nicca News 9.” One of his most infamous videos is him yelling at a gas station clerk for refusing to sell him cigarettes.

If, after me explaining all of that, you still insist that this comic is “racist”, then I’m sorry that you’re too stupid to understand what real racism is.

And for those who want to see how truly reprehensible Gazi Kodzo is, and why he's deserving of my mocking, check out this video addressing him and his repugnant views: