Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#189: Trump's First 100 Days

“God Emperor Trump” has been in office for 100 days, and the only thing he’s accomplished thus far is accomplishing nothing. Well, too be fair, that’s not quite accurate. During that time, he’s managed to break 80 promises!

But of course, that’s not his fault. It’s never his fault. Whose fault is it? The U.S. Constitution! If it weren’t for the checks and balances in our government, Trump would have built the wall, drained the swamp, repealed Obamacare, and banned all the Muslims—all before taking his first crap in the White House crapper!

Now that I think about it, I take it all back. Trump has accomplished something during his first 100 days. He proved that our government still has some checks and balances to prevent complete tyranny—so of course a petty wannabe tyrant like Trump doesn’t like that!