Monday, May 1, 2017

#188: Bill Nye

For the record, I don’t hate Bill Nye’s new show. To the contrary, I find it both educational and entertaining, just like his old show.

I thought many of the episodes did an informative job of discussing topics such as artificial intelligence and space travel. I loved how he gave the pseudoscience about vaccines and “alternative medicine” a good intellectual smack down, and I especially loved his episode on GMOs, since he managed to do a complete 180 from fearing them to embracing them. If there’s one good thing about the “Science Guy”, it’s that he’s at least willing to change his views based on the actual science, so there’s some hope for him there.

But then there was his episode discussing how “sex is a spectrum.” There was little to no science to be found, with Bill substituting Tumblr SJW buzzwords with actual evidence, and with everything else, from the ice cream orgy to the "sex junk" rap, being nothing but wall-to-wall cringe. So sad to see one of my favorite TV personalities drink the SJW Kool-Aid and pretend that Tumblr is a legit scientific source.

Overall, I’d still recommend watching the series—just skip the cringeworthy “sex spectrum” episode. And if you want to learn more about everything wrong with the show, I’d recommend listening to Armored Skeptic’s take on it: