Friday, March 17, 2017

#169: F*** The Police

We interrupt our regularly scheduled story arc for this random gag strip. (Don’t worry! The story will continue in the very next comic strip!)

For the record, I’m not really an “anarchist.” I’m a minarchist with some anarchist leanings. While I am open towards anarchist alternatives to the state, I believe that we should at least wait until we’ve exhausted every viable attempt to reform and salvage the system. “Burning the system down” ought to be a last resort when the overall system is beyond repair. After all, you don’t burn your entire house down if you have a leaky faucet!

Take the police. While reading headline after headline of cops shooting unarmed civilians makes it tempting to don a face mask, light up a Molotov cocktail, and scream “fuck the police!” before calling for the very institution of the police to be disbanded, I don’t think we’ve reached the point where overthrowing the police is a viable option—yet! Instead, we should consider other countries that don’t have the same police brutality problem as ours and try to emulate them.

For example, while America has had far too many cases of police brutality to count, Norway’s police haven’t killed anyone within the past decade. In fact, while we’re busy building new prisons to host the biggest prison population on earth, Norway has been shutting down its prisons because their prison population is so low! So here’s a radical idea: why not adopt reforms to our own law enforcement system to emulate Norway’s system, like, for example, requiring more rigorous police training.

Or, you know, I guess it’s easier (and more fun) to burn the whole system down! /s