Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apropos Of Nothing: Singles Awareness Day

"Star vs. The Forces of Evil? Nah, son! I watch an anime called Marco’s Magnificent Inter-dimensional Harem. What? It has too many ships? Shut your mouth! There ain't no such thing!"


As you can tell, I’ve taken a surprising liking to SVTFOE. I say “surprising” because when I first encountered the series, I didn’t really think highly of it. In fact, I thought it was kind of stupid. But after hearing other people praise it, I decided to give it a second shot and binge watch the series.

I’ve since been hooked!

I’m currently watching the new episodes of the second season and—Sweet Celestia!—are they good! They are so good! So much world building! So much character development! So much plot progression! I love this series so much that it’s now on my Top 5 list of favorite cartoons (alongside MLP:FiM, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty.)

In case you’re wondering who I ship, it’s Jarco (Marco x Jackie). C’mon! He’s been crushing on her since elementary school. As much as I like Starco (Star x Marco) as much as the next fan, it would be nice if we had a male and female lead that didn’t become a romantic couple. We don’t have that many purely platonic relationships between boys and girls in shows today.

Also, my second favorite ship has to be Markopoo (Marco x Hekapoo). What can I say? The ship intrigues me. And I really can't say why without spoiling the newest episode.

I wanted to do something to showcase my new love for the show. Since today's Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to create this strip out of love. Also as a way to poke fun at the different fan shippings. And at Valentine’s Day also being Singles Awareness Day. And also include some characters from last year’s strip. And also Morty. Because Rick and Morty is awesome and—seriously, when does the new season come out?!?!