Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#163: Hate Speech

This comic is going to court a whole lot of controversy, so here are a few clarifications:

1) I am not a Milo Yiannopoulos fanboy. He’s a neocon shill with an especially creepy “thrill up his leg” fetish for Donald “Daddy” Trump. So no, I don’t agree with him. But that doesn’t mean that I would burn down half my town if he ever decided to give a speech here. Living in a democracy means everyone has the right to voice their opinion, even if you don’t agree with it.

2) Yes, I am more than well aware of what recently happened with Milo. Long story short: he made a few off-color remarks about pedophilia. As a result, his book was canceled, he was uninvited from CPAC, and he resigned from Breitbart. My thoughts on that?

a) Upon listening to the actual offending podcast clip in question, I’ve determined that his remarks were, at worst, off-color jokes, not an actual avocation for pedophilia. For Celestia's sake! He made a quip about how he was "thankful" for the priest who molested him for allowing him to “give better head”! That’s the type of off-color humor you’d come to expect from low-brow comedy such as Family Guy. Was it distasteful? Sure. But hardly the worst.

b) Milo's not a pedophile. He’s already explained that he’s against pedophilia and has even outed three known pedophiles. That’s hardly a guy who’s advocating for kiddy fiddling. Herbert the Pervert he is not.

c) His own remarks were low brow, but I do see where he was coming from. As any other decent person, of course, I support age of consent laws. We should have those laws in a civilized society to prevent 60-year-olds from raping six-year-olds. HOWEVER, those laws should also be flexible enough to allow sexually-mature teenagers to have sex with each other without being punished for it. No one should be put on a sex offender list for shagging their high school sweetheart. (And yes, that has happened!) I’m sure that’s what Milo was going for, yet he could have worded his sentiments more carefully.

d) Yes, I do believe that Simon & Shuster, CPAC, and even Breitbart had every right to cut ties with him. Yes, Milo has the “freedom of speech” to say what he wants, but those organizations also have the “freedom of association” to dissociate with him because of what he says. That’s not censorship. That’s show biz.

3) With all of that said, this comic is NOT about his recent remarks, but about the controversy over his college speaking gigs—and by “controversy”, I mean college SJWs throwing violent temper tantrums because his presence on their campus “triggered” them and violated their “safe space.” Sorry, special snowflakes, but you don’t get to kick someone to the curb because they said something that hurt your feelings. You don’t want to hear what he says? Don’t attend his lecture. Simple as that!

4) This comic is also aimed at disingenuous shits who want to label people like Milo “neo-Nazis” and their opinions as “hate speech.” No, they’re not. And, no, they’re not. “Hate speech” is telling people to “kill the Jews” or “lynch a black person”, not expressing your distaste at the sideshow spectacle that is social justice hysteria. And unless someone is advocating for “ethnic cleansing”, they are not a “neo-Nazi.” Richard Spencer is a neo-Nazi. Milo isn’t. And while we’re on the subject, neither is Tomi Lahren or JonTron or PewDiePie. Those people are not Nazis. Calling them “Nazis” only devalues the word as a mere insult.

5) This comic is specifically aimed at a certain webcomic artist, one who shall not be named. I don’t want to draw attention to her any more than I want her to draw attention to me. She’s a trans artist who, like other trans artists, suffers from a superiority/persecution complex, and baiting her would only be feeding into her psychologically unhealthy complex. So let’s just say that her web comic rhymes with “Wife of Crea” and leave it at that.