Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#142: Westcot

Yes, it’s true! Back in the 1990s, Disney had plans on constructing a West Coast version of EPCOT Center at Disneyland aptly named Westcot. Rather than simply being a clone of the Florida park, Westcot would have been bigger and better, with larger and more improved versions of Epcot attractions (including SpaceStation Earth) and a much more diverse World Showcase.

So what happened to it? Why didn’t it get built? Various reasons—most notably finances, mostly due to the epic flop known as EuroDisney. And so with Westcot no longer on the table, Disney scrapped the idea and created another one which inevitably opened: Disney’s California Adventure—a park about California in California! Ingenious!

Oh sure, California Adventure is doing much better now that Disney has ironed out all of the wrinkles, but you can’t help but wonder about what could have been had they managed to actually move forward with Westcot. Would it have been truly brilliant? Or would it have flopped harder than California Adventure? The world will never know.