Monday, October 31, 2016

#141: Halloween 2016

It’s Halloween and our favorite characters are in costume. In case you can’t guess who they are, here’s who they’re dressed as:

Anarchist = Saitama (One Punch Man): Your average dork who decides to fight for justice because no one else wants to—and because it’s fun!

Blue Statist = Lefou (Beauty and the Beast): A wimpy kissass who rains praises on the big bully in town.

Red Statist = Ash (Evil Dead): A spontaneous goofball who considers himself the pinnacle of masculinity without a single ounce of self-reflection.

Green = One of the Twins (Matrix: Reloaded): A really white guy with dreads!

And also featuring a guest appearance by Salad Fingers. (BTW: Check out Film Theory’s theory video on him! It’s really interesting. But then, when is Mat Pat never interesting?)

Happy Halloween! :D