Friday, October 28, 2016

#140: Universe of Energy

Currently, there’s a rumor that the Universe of Energy at Epcot is going to be replaced with a Guardians of the Galaxy thrill ride. At this point, it’s only a rumor. However, it was also a rumor that the Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure was going to be replaced with a similar GOTG ride—and that rumor has since been confirmed! Add to the fact that test balloons have been sighted around UOE—which are only used if serious renovations are considered—and it seems that this “rumor” may not be a rumor.

Look! I love Marvel. I love GOTG. And I would love to finally see a Marvel ride at a Disney park—especially if it’s a GOTG ride! But Epcot simply isn’t the proper place for it. And if this rumor proves true, then it will simply be the final nail in the coffin for Epcot Center.

No longer will it be Walt's model city of the future. No longer will it be a permanent world’s fair dedicated to showcasing the best of science, technology, and world culture. The park will simply devolve into a shadow of its former self and become yet another cheesy theme park with cheesy rides.