Monday, July 11, 2016

Apropos of Nothing: Marvel Comics

Seriously, Marvel, WTF is wrong with you? First you turn Thor into a chick. Then you turn Captain America black. And now you’re turning Iron Man into a black chick?

I understand that you want to make your comics more multicultural with more diverse superheroes, but would it kill you to actually create original characters rather than race/gender-bending your old ones? (Of course, if you really cared about “diversity”, you’d hire more diverse staff members. But obviously, painting Spider-Man black and drawing Thor with tits is much easier, isn’t it?)

And when you’re not swapping the race or gender of your comic book characters, you’re making other asinine decisions like turning Donald Trump into a villain or having other villains speak like MRAs. And when you do come to your senses and make Captain America white again, you turn him into a freaking neo-Nazi who hails Hydra.

Again, WTF Marvel?! You’re doing so well in the movies but not so much with your actual comic books. Then again, with the current crap you’re pulling, is it no wonder readers are abandoning you like rats from a sinking ship? Keep it up and you’re going to make Mickey Mouse regret buying you.