Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#111: Imagination

Originally, when Walt Disney was planning Disney World in Florida, his intention was not to create yet another theme park. His dream was to centrally plan his own city using the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs, not only providing its citizens with the comfort and amenities of the latest technology, but also showcasing this technology to the world and providing an example by which other cities could emulate. His dream city would be known as the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”—or EPCOT, for short!

Sadly, this city of the future never came to be. Disney passed away in 1966, and his Disney World would open five years later as yet another theme park. However, his vision for the future would be reborn and live on as a second addition to that park, and would be named after his dream city of the future, EPCOT Center.

As much as I love Epcot as a theme park, sometimes I really have to ask the question, “what if?” What if Disney never died? What if he lived long enough to make his dream a reality? What if his dream city of the future had been constructed? Would it have been successful? Would it have truly served as an inspiration for other cities to follow? Would it have helped to further scientific progress? And if it existed to this day, what would it look like now? Would it have truly evolved along with current technology, or would it have remained an archaic relic of a more optimistic era?

By all means, watch Walt’s original concept film, and see if you can’t help asking yourself these exact same questions: