Sunday, April 10, 2016

#082: GMO Labeling

Not only does this comic explain Blue Statist’s unemployment, but it also riffs GMO labeling and minimum wage at the same time. It’s killing three birds with one stone!

You have to wonder what would happen if any state actually approved GMO labeling. Every single food item that isn’t organic would have to be labeled, because every single food item has been genetically modified. Have you ever eaten yellow corn? Orange carrots? Seedless bananas? Then congrats: you’ve eaten a GMO, and now you’ve realized why it would be ridiculous to label GMOs.

There is absolutely no empirical evidence that GMOs are the least bit unhealthy any more than there is empirical evidence that minimum wage hikes create jobs. If anything, in both cases, there is far more empirical evidence to the contrary.

GMOs do not cause cancer, minimum wage does not create jobs, and if you believe otherwise, then you’re as “anti-science” as a flat earth creationist, and you’re dumb enough to vote against your own best interests like Blue Statist.