Saturday, February 27, 2016

#070: The Pope

Isn’t it odd how libtarded moonbats who would otherwise care less about religion get their panties wet whenever Pope Francis says something they agree with, like how free-market capitalism is “teh ebil” and how climate change is more “teh ebil” than terrorism; and yet when he decries abortion or gay marriage, they insist that politics and religion shouldn’t mix? According to them, we should keep church and state separate—unless the Pope says something they agree with, then his word should become law because he speaks for God, damn it!

Personally, I believe in separation of church and state, so I don’t believe that religious doctrine should dictate law, especially if libtards are correct in saying that Jesus was a socialist—which he’s not! I’m also not Catholic, so I don’t care what some man in a funny hat has to say about religion or politics. No offense to any of my Catholic friends, but in the words of Tim Minchin, f*** the motherf***er, f*** the motherf***er, f*** the motherf***er, f***ing f*** the motherf***er, f*** the motherf***er, f*** the motherf***ing Pope!