Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#064: Political Correctness

Based upon this insipid political cartoon. Lately, it seems as though too many people (mostly feminist SJWs) have been confusing “political correctness” with “treating others with respect”. The difference between “political correctness” and “common decency” is the same difference between wearing a helmet while cycling and wrapping yourself up in bubble wrap. One is common sense. The other is paranoid hysteria.

For example, “treating others with respect” would be refraining from using racial or gendered slurs such as the n-word or “cunt”. “Political correctness” would be punishing students for using otherwise innocuous words such as “mother” or “father” because they’re not “inclusive” enough language. I wish I were making that up!

If you can’t tell the difference, you might just be a “social justice warrior”—oops! That’s actually too political incorrect! They should really be called “unsocial injustice barbarians”. Much better!