Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#069: Bernie Bros.

I’m not a fan of either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. However, given the choice between the two of them, it’s quite clear that Bernie is the lesser of two evils. I may not agree with any (if all) of his political positions, but I’ll give him credit in that he sincerely believes them—even if he’s sincerely wrong!

Hillary, on the other hand, is clearly saying one thing to get elected, and will do another thing once in office—specifically, whatever her corporate donors tell her to. Bernie, at worst, is na├»ve. Hillary, at worst, is corrupt. So as much as I don’t like either of them, I at least will come to the defense of Bernie over Hillary—though, to me, the difference is between being f***ed in the plot with a lubricated dildo and being f***ed in the plot with a cactus.

And I will most certainly come to the defense of Bernie and his supporters when they’re being smeared as “sexists.” If you haven’t already heard, many of Bernie’s supporters have been mocked as “Bernie Bros,” and accused of not voting for Hillary because she’s a woman—as opposed to Hillary’s supporters, who are voting for her precisely because she’s a woman, and are unabashedly proud of that fact. (I wish I were making that up!)

So, yes, what we have here are Democrats using the same identity politics, which they once reserved for Republicans, against their own kind. You don’t like Obama? You must hate him because he’s black? You don’t like Hillary? You don’t like her because she’s a woman. There’s just something both hilarious yet tragic about seeing libtards attack other libtards over race and sex card. It truly is a snake eating its own tail—before it decides to eat everything else.