Monday, February 29, 2016

#071: African Americans

There’s no denying that African Americans disproportionately suffer from government policy. They disproportionality make up the majority of people in poverty and on government assistance. They disproportionality fall behind in and drop out of public school. They’re disproportionately targeted by the drug war, victimized by police brutality, and incarcerated in prison. They are the ones most disadvantaged by the government, and yet, time and again, they support politicians who wish to expand its very size and scope.

Currently, there’s no better example of how they votes against their own personal interests than the current Democratic presidential run between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. While Sanders was marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement, Clinton was working in the presidential campaign of a pro-segregationist politician. And let’s not also forget that she and her hubby both supported mandatory minimums and other “tough against crime” policies that have led to many African Americans being disproportionately imprisoned. Just guess which one of those Democratic candidates was targeted by Black Lives Matter, and which one of them is currently receiving the lion’s share of the black vote. Just f***ing guess!

Far be it for an affluent cis-hetero white man like myself to dictate what their politics ought to be, but it’s hard for me to think highly of their political choices when, by every objective measure, they actively and continuously work against their own best self-interests by supporting the very same institution that has systematically oppressed them. If this isn’t a prime example of Stockholm Syndrome, I simply don’t know what is.