Sunday, January 10, 2016

#058: Gun Debate

So Obama recently passed an executive order on guns. What can I say about that? Seriously, what can I say that hasn't already been said by everyone and their grandma?

What do you even expect me to say? You know for a fact that I don’t like it. You know that I know that’s it’s not going to stop a single violent crime, let alone another mass shooting. You know that I know that the executive order itself is extremely unconstitutional. And you know that I know that nothing I can say can change the mind of anyone currently sucking Obama’s big fat dick. So what’s the point of me saying anything at all?

That’s what I hate about the gun debate: there’s nothing new for me to say. It’s all the same song and dance every time the media decides to sensationalize even the most minor of violent crimes. It’s not even a debate anymore. It’s simply one side parroting mindless talking points, and the other side trying to correct them only to fall upon death ears. There’s nothing I can say against gun control that hasn't been said by a million other people before me, and there’s nothing the other side can say in favor of it that hasn't already been debunked. So, again, what even is the point of me saying anything? At all?

If you really want my opinion on gun control, Shane Killian recently created a video tearing down each and every flimsy argument in favor of "moar gun laws." Of course, the only people who would accept this information are people who already agree that gun control is BS, while people who don’t won’t even bother watching the video.

Also, if you want my opinion on the recent Oregon militia takeover, I’d recommend watching Stefan Molyneux’s videos on the subject here and here. Of course, again, the only people willing to watch those videos are those who already don’t think that it’s a good idea to nuke them to kingdom come!