Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#050: Immigration

I know this is a hot button issue that tends to piss off a good chunk of my followers, so here’s a few important points I want to make:

1) I apologize in advanced for the “small dick” joke. I personally don’t care for the meme that gun owners are “compensating for something” because it’s clearly a sexist attack against men. However, in this context, it felt like too easy of a joke to pass up. Again, no offense to actual gun owners!

2) Yes, Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than had Bush. The Department of Homeland Security reported that Obama had deported 2,017,814 illegal immigrants, whereas Bush only deported 2,012,539. (Not too big of a difference, but still a difference.)

3) I already said everything that I could about this topic in my last comic, but as a TL;DR, I pose this thought: when people consider it far easier to trek through miles of arid desert, braving heart stroke and dehydration, than to submit to our immigration process, then perhaps we should consider reforming our immigration process. Seems like a more effective, proactive solution than simply trying to deport every illegal imaginable or trying to build a hundred mile long wall that others are simply going to bypass anyway.