Sunday, November 15, 2015

#053: Heaven

Should the people who voted for Obama, the Nobel peace prize-winning president who has killed ten times more civilians through drone strikes than his predecessor, and who blew up a hospital building filled with sick and dying patients, be held responsible for his murderous actions?

Should voters be held culpable for the actions of our last president, George W. Bush, whose fraudulent war cost Americans trillions in dollars and millions in innocent lives? Were the Germans who put Hitler into power responsible for the Holocaust, or the Soviets who put Stalin into power responsible for the Holodomor?

They may not have pulled the trigger to the drone launcher, or pulled the switch to the gas chamber, but they were the ones who put the megalomaniacs in power; and that, in turn, makes the electorate indirectly responsible for their murders. If you put a psychopath into power, you are just as culpable as he is for his killing spree, because you’re the one who gave him the power to commit those atrocities in the first place.

So unless you confess of your sins, express your regret for your past vote, and fight to undo the damage that your elected psychopath has wrought—guess what? You’re not heading to heaven when you die. You’re going to find yourself heading to the other place. Those who abet evil are equally guilty of that evil, and they deserve the exact same punishment.

You think that’s extremely harsh of me to say? Think such guilt by association is fallacious? Then I suggest you watch this video by c0nc0rdance on the matter: