Sunday, October 11, 2015

#045: Request

As a libertarian, I’ve had my dealings arguing with statists on both sides of the aisle. While arguing with them tend to be tedious, to be honest, one side tends to be worse than the other. Sure, Democrats make insipid points, but at least they’re somewhat the resemblance of a thought. Republicans, on the other hand, mostly base their arguments on “good murican” euphemisms like freedom, liberty, and apple pie.

To illustrate this, fellow libertarian Julie Borowski made two videos during the 2012 election of her arguing with parodies of Obama and Romney supporters. The Obama supporter at least made some attempts to justify (poorly) their support of Obama, while the Romney supporter merely scared poor Julie away by rambling on about how Obama was going to destroy the country and how he loves to eat dog.

As for this comic, yes, the old statist is going to make a comeback—eventually! You’ll just have to wait and see—that is, if I haven’t pissed away my audience at this point.