Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#046: Military Spending

Over the Fourth of July weekend this past summer, my father and I passed a homeless vet on the side of the road begging for money, which my father more than graciously provided. How ironic was it that my fellow Americans that day were celebrating (or rather, claimed to be celebrating) the brave men and women who fought to “protect our freedom” when most of those same soldiers have been left begging for scraps?

Even worse, there are 847,822 veterans waiting for much-needed medical care, and of those veterans, a third of them have already died! How can we, a nation that boasts the biggest military on earth, claim to “support our troops” when most of them have been left to die waiting for healthcare?

With that being said, if you are a Republican, and you insist on increasing military spending, you cannot call yourselves “fiscal conservatives.” You’re not "fiscally-conservative." You don’t care about downsizing big government. You don’t care about cutting government waste. You don’t care about balancing the budget. You don’t care about decreasing our national debt or deficit. You do not stand for "fiscal responsibility." You’re for the exact opposite: you’re all “big tax and spenders” like the Democrats—if not worse!

As a nation, we spend more on the military than the next 17 countries combined—most of whom are our allies! And yet, despite this, not a single Republican has put forth a budget that would cut military spending. (I’m especially looking at you, Rand Paul!)

And don’t tell me that we spend this much to “protect our freedom”—unless you count blowing up hospitals as “protecting our freedom”! To date, we have $181 million worth of tanks that are collecting dust in the desert. Congress could have saved taxpayers $3 billion had they put an end to repairing and manufacturing tanks, yet they insisted on spending money on tanks that the army neither wanted nor needed. And what happens to military equipment such as armored vehicles that the military no longer uses? They’re given to police departments as hand-me-down toys. (So much for being against tyrannical government!)

So if you’re claim to be a “fiscally-conservative” Republican, and yet your proposed budget does not cut our over-bloated military by one single dime, you have no right to call yourself one. In the immortal words of Harry Browne, “Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats.”