Thursday, October 8, 2015

#044: Immigrants

For those who don't get the reference, it's from South Park. Also, the "immigrants" are Terrance and Phillip, along with my friend and fellow deviant, Lord T. Hawkeye.

There once was a time in my life when I would have agreed wholeheartedly with Donald Trump and his stance on immigration. Perhaps I would have even considered voting for him as president. Back then, I was vehemently against “illegal immigration.” To an extent, I still sort of am, though my position on the subject has evolved and has become much smarter.

Back then, I thought the best way to curb illegal immigration was to deport all of the illegals and build a wall along the Mexican border. Little did I realize the cognitive dissonance of claiming to be a "limited-government fiscal conservative" while simultaneously calling for a government big enough to deport people I didn’t like and waste taxpayer money building a fence that most people were simply going to jump over.

Now that I have become a bit smarter and wiser, I now realize that “illegal immigration” is merely a symptom of two much bigger problems: 1) a piss-poor foreign policy with Mexico and other Central American countries (mostly through the War on Drugs and NAFTA) that have economically devastated those countries to the point where its citizens feel compelled to flee to better pastures (that being our own), and 2) a super-convoluted and overtly-bureaucratic immigration system that makes it harder for immigrants to enter the country legally. (Seriously, when people consider it easier to tempt dehydration and heat stroke just to trek through miles of desert to get here, it speaks volumes of how fucked-up our immigration process really is!)

I know that many of my followers are still very adamant in insisting that we should “kick out the Mexicans” and “build a wall”, and, really, I understand where you all are coming from. Really, I do! I know many of you have objections to my total 180 on this subject. But if you all can find it in your hearts to open your minds, I recommend you watch this video, as it pretty much answers most of the questions and arguments you probably have against immigration reform: