Sunday, September 20, 2015

#041: Auditions

Before you ask, the new character’s named “red statist”, and, yes, he is replacing the old “statist” (who would, in turn, be known as “blue statist”). Don’t worry, he’s going to return—eventually!—but for now, I’m going to be using red statist in my upcoming comics.

The reason for this (temporary) change is that, while this comic tackles statists and their talking points, it’s only been focusing on the left-wing liberal variety. With this new character, I’ll be able to strike some balance by tackling statists of the right-wing conservative variety—and considering the current rotten crop of Republican candidates (specifically one whose hair is phonier than his “conservative” values), they need to be tackled—HARD!

Oh, and the character in the first panel is San, a character created by ConservativePip, who was more than happy to let her cameo in this comic—especially since he’s had my statist cameo in his work. ;)