Sunday, September 13, 2015

#040: Anarcho-Syndicalism

Anarcho-syndicalists like Noam Chomsky claim to be anarchists, yet for people who claim to espouse an “anti-government” ideology, they seem rather comfortable with most government functions.

They don’t have a problem with taxes. If anything, they want more taxes, especially on the rich. They don’t have a problem with bureaucracy and regulations. If anything, they want more of that, too, especially against big bad corporations. They don’t have a problem with Social Security or Medicare or food stamps or any other welfare program. If anything, they want more of those. They don’t have a problem with public schools. If anything, they oppose any attempt to remove the role of education from the state. In fact, any proposals to shift responsibilities such as healthcare, education, and welfare away from the state and into private hands is considered evil “privatization.”

The only aspects about government that anarcho-syndicalists seem to oppose are the police and military, and while that is quite admirable in and of itself, being against war and police violence does not an anarchist make. If anything, these “anti-government” anarchists aren’t all that anti-government at all. They’re really for bigger government.

And yet they claim that “anarcho-capitalists” and other libertarians aren’t real anarchists? Chomsky actually claims un-ironically that libertarians support “private tyranny”—whatever the hell that means! Yes, they really are that ludicrous: