Sunday, August 23, 2015

#036: Economics 101

How Libertarians Can Win The White House In 2016 By A Landslide

1) Book a speech at the Democratic National Convention to have Mr. Meeseeks lecture on economics.

2) Lock all the doors in the convention hall while Mr. Meeseeks is giving his lecture.

3) Allow Mr. Meeseeks to become frustrated at the Democrats not comprehending what he has to teach them, forcing him to summons copies of himself to help him explain basic economic concepts.

4) Watch as the Meeseeks become so pained by their own existence and by their inability to teach the Democrats that the angry Meeseeks start attacking the audience.

5) Wait out the entire attack until the very last Democrat has fallen.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 at the Republican National Convention, only have Mr. Meeseeks lecture on evolution.

7) Congratulations! There are no more Democrats and Republicans! Now the Libertarian presidential candidate wins by default.

On a more serious (and less comedically dark) note, here’s Shane Killian explaining how minimum wage is a pseudoscience: