Sunday, August 9, 2015

Alternative Medicine

"Pharmaceutical companies make obscene profits! They’re paying off people to hide the dangers of their drugs! And there is a tiny grain of truth: those companies do reap great profits. Be the first to patent a Viagra or Zoloft, and the money will come rolling in.

But there’s so much investment required! You need to test thousands of drugs to find one that does anything; then there’s all the animal testing, the clinical trials, the regulatory oversight, the lawsuits that follow from side-effects (and if the drug is actually potent, there will be side-effects). No, that’s not for me. If I wanted to be really rich, and had no conscience at all, I’d go straight to Big Alt Med.

No testing! Cheap products! In the case of homeopathy, you can market tiny bottles of water! Supplements are almost entirely unregulated, nobody cares if you’re selling pills stuffed with sawdust. It’s miraculous sums of money for entirely non-miraculous garbage, plus a lot of promises." - PZ Myers

I’d never imagine ever sharing a quote by the “Pope of Atheism Plus” PZ Myers, but here I am, sharing one. Even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day, and it seems like this is the time of day that this broken clock of a libertarian-hating social justice atheist managed to tell correctly.

Yet isn’t it sad that we live in a country where a quack like “Dr.” Oz can make millions peddling snake-oil medical cures on his syndicated television show (and not be stripped of his medical license), and yet “alternative medicine” peddlers like him accuse “Big Pharma” of profiting off of gullible, helpless customers. If there was a better illustration of the “pot calling the kettle black,” I’ve never seen it before.

This comic is part of a new comic series I’m calling “Apropos of Nothing”, in which I highlight absurdities that don’t necessarily align with the “Statist and Anarchist” paradigm. Don’t worry! This isn’t a replacement to “Statist and Anarchist” just a supplement. Rest assured, I haven’t run out of ideas for S&A quite yet. The unintentional comedy of statism assures this will never be the case.