Thursday, June 18, 2015

#29: Scapegoats

Before you ask, yes, Seth Rogen films have actually been blamed for mass shootings. And, no, global warming hasn’t been blamed—yet!—though people have claimed that global warming causes violent crime, and even that guns cause global warming! (I seriously wish I were joking about both!)

Seems like whenever a new shooting occurs, every Chicken Little from the political left and right is quick to cry how it’s is a sign that America’s becoming more violent (even though it isn’t!), and they’re quick to blame everything and anything under the sun for this violence, whether it’s Republicans blaming those dang “vidya gaymes” and “hippity-hop music” or Democrats blaming the National Rifle Association—which they slander as the new KKK (even though the NRA was actually created to fight the KKK!)

But despite all of these scapegoats, there is one thing that every shooting spree has had in common. It’s not guns. It’s not psychiatric drugs. It’s not video games or rap music or any other cultural boogeyman. It’s something a bit more obvious yet so easily overlooked, and it’s something that can easily be curtailed to avoid future shootings. And interestingly enough, the very person to deliver this enlightening culture-shifting revelation is an internet horror reviewer!

Count Jackula once reviewed a movie, Targets, a 1968 thriller in which a Vietnam veteran tries to assassinate a famous movie actor in a drive-in theater (and interestingly enough, the movie was the very last uncredited performance of Boris Karloff). During his analysis of the film, Jackula touched upon the ever-relevant topic of mass shootings and the nature of serial killers. He noted that there was a common thread that ran through every single mass shooting, and that this thread could be easily cut through a simple solution. What this main factor and solution is—well, I’ll leave that to you to find out by watching his review, as it’s one that I highly recommend you watch: