Sunday, June 14, 2015

#027: Lemonade Stands

Okay, this comic is slightly disingenuous. There was one instance where food poisoning was contracted from a lemonade stand. One instance. In 2007. And that wasn’t a little kid’s stand. It was a stand being run as a fundraiser by cheerleaders at a community festival. That’s a rather apples-to-orange comparison there. It’s also a very flimsy precedent for police officers across America to crack down on little kid’s lemonade stands every summer.

These aren’t professional businesses we’re talking about. These are little kids setting up tables on the side of the road, handing out paper cups filled with drinks prepared from water and powder, and selling them for nickels and dimes. At best, they’ll probably raise five dollars in one day, and that’s if they don’t get bored the first hour and quit to go play in the sprinklers. They’re not trying to pay the bills. If they make anything, they’re simply going to spend it on cheap crap at the dollar store. So cut these kids some slack and let them have their fun already!

Besides, don’t the cops have anything better to do like body slamming bikini-clad girls at pool parties for simply mouthing off, or shooting men in the back multiple times as they run away, or strangling the breath out of a man for selling cigarettes, or…you know what, these cops really don’t have anything better to do.