Sunday, May 31, 2015

#025: Obamacare

Isn’t it funny (and by “funny”, I mean “head-shakingly pathetic”) how, whenever statist policies fail, that the statist solution is to implement more of the same?

Obamacare’s socialized medicine has increased healthcare premiums? Clearly we need more socialized healthcare.

Corporate handouts failed to make wealth “trickle down” and stimulate the economy? Clearly we need more stimulus spending.

Public schools have done nothing but churn out illiterate dunces? Clearly we need more education spending.

Violent crime rates have increased in cities with strict gun control? Clearly we need more gun laws.

The bloodletting has failed to cure the patient of the plague? Clearly we need to apply more leeches.

Okay. The last part clearly isn’t statist policy, but the line of thinking is the exact same.