Sunday, May 24, 2015

#024: Dissent

KID: Answer me this: how can you accept the benefits of living in this country, enjoy the fruits of the corporations you think are so evil, and still be so critical?

DEATHLOK: Just because something is "good" doesn't make it above criticism.

KID: Typical leftist relativism.

DEATHLOK: Large organizations do have advantages. They can accomplish things that individuals can't. But there's a down side. Any group tends to have--dehumanizing side effects.

KID: Commie lib.

DEATHLOK: Slapping labels on people and questioning the good intentions of those who see the world differently than you do doesn't help anybody. I take that back. It does relieve you of the burden of having to listen. Or even to think. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make him a bad person.
- Deathlok Annual #1

If you have a problem with the way our government bombs innocent civilian overseas, allows cops to kill innocent civilians on our own streets, spies on our phone calls and e-mails, brainwashes our children through the public school system, hurts small businesses by catering to big corporations, and allows entitlement programs to go bankrupt while spending more money on the military than any other country on earth, you have no right to complain if you use the roads that our government provides.

If that argument sounds stupid, that’s because it is stupid! If slightly benefiting from an oppressive system prohibits you from criticizing and protesting that oppressive system, then no person in human history would have ever had the right to speak out against any form of oppression. So stop being on the wrong side of history and stop making that stupid argument because you’re stupid for even making it, stupid!