Monday, February 23, 2015

#013: Bad Government

“Why do you wacko libertarians insist that the government is bad? Don’t you know that our government is only bad because people like you think it’s bad? The government is not the problem. The government is us. The government is only as good as the people who support it. So when are you going to stop believing that the government is bad?”

When am I going to stop believing that the government is inherently bad? Well, let’s see…

When the government stops defending the borderline fetish of shoving pine nuts up prisoners’ asses as a legitimate interrogation technique.

When the government stops insisting that national security is best protected by allowing the NSA to spy on other people’s porn and World of Warcraft accounts.

When the government stops forcing the Pentagon to buy tanks that they don’t want or need, especially when we our military spending dwarfs that of every other county combined.

When the government stops slapping cops on the wrist for shooting unarmed teenagers or choking unarmed men to death, but insist on throwing the book at people who videotape similar police abuse.

When the government stops locking up people for smoking an illegal plant, even when that illegal plant is safer than legal alcohol and tobacco.

When the government stops maintaining the highest corporate tax rate in the world, yet acts surprised when corporations decide to move overseas to evade taxation and outsource jobs.

When the government stops fooling young people into believing they will receive the exact same benefits from Medicare and Social Security that the Baby Boomers are receiving, even though both programs are projected to go bankrupt in the next few decades.

When the government stops allowing our public schools to linger behind those in other countries, despite spending more on education per student than any other country.

In short, I will stop believing that the government is inherently bad when the government stops acting inherently bad.

What part of that is hard to understand?