Friday, January 9, 2015

#011: Freedom Of Speech

"It’s an hateful act but don’t act as if what Charlie Hedbo did was noble (the magazine). Charlie Hebdo had freedom indeed to be racist and islamophobic. That is not something that should be shown support for. White freedom of speech has proven to always be harmful to Muslims. So no #jenesuispascharliehebdo. Every white journalist who worked/works for that trash uses white privilege to spread hate and anti-islam propaganda. So no #jenesuispascharliehedbo. I am not saying that what has happened shouldn’t be condemned, it should. And everyone us doing that. But I know France will use this situation to further prove that islamophobia has been present for a long time and is very much growing among the French." - Some Stupid Brainwashed Liberal College Hipster Fuck Who Probably Voted For Obama

"The massacre of innocent journalists and cartoonists will only make things worse. It's a cliché to point out that terrorism is a self-defeating enterprise, more likely to damage one's cause than to aid it. But when Europe is on the precipice of returning to the monoculturalist institutional bigotry that crippled the continent for a generation in the 20th century, the murder of a room full of satirists will do nothing but harm Europe's Muslims even more than the rise of xenophobic political parties already has." - Stupid Ass Fuck PolicyMic Journalist Who Has His Priorities Ass Backwards

Some things are too stupid for commentary. If you honestly believe that "well, that terrorist attack in France was bad, but that political cartoon was super duper racist and offensive, and this event will only bolster that icky picky far reich-wing", then by all means, don't say anything. In fact, don't breath. You're too stupid for free speech!