Saturday, November 1, 2014

#002: Free Market

Statists are the masters of projection. They accuse libertarians and anarchists of being “free-market fundamentalists” and assuming that the free market is the solution to everything, when they themselves believe that the government is the real answer.

They may not outright say that the government is always the solution, but if you ask them how we should address a problem, their answer will always involve more government. How do we fix poverty? Spend more on entitlement programs and fund them with more taxes? How do we fix education? Spend more on our public schools and fund them with more taxes. How do we fix the economy? Spend more on government stimulus and fund it with more taxes. How do we fix healthcare? Nationalize our healthcare system and fund it with more taxes. (And don't forget the taxes. We need more taxes. Lots and lots of taxes!)

No matter what the problem is, statists will always consider the solution to be more government programs, more government spending, and more taxes—in other words, more government!

And no, just because libertarians and anarchists suggest trying a market solution does not mean we think “the free market will fix everything!” Ask a group of libertarians what they would do to fix poverty, education, or healthcare, and each one will come up with a different answer. That is exactly what the market is. It is not a monolithic entity like the federal government. It consists of various individuals doing their own thing to improve their own lives and the lives of others through the pursuit of their own rational self-interest and through the voluntary exchange of labor and services. With the market, there is diversity. Though the government, there is only conformity.

And yet the statists claim that we consider the free market “God”? As the old saying goes: when you point a finger at someone, you point three more fingers back at you. Stop projecting your fervent worship of the omnipotent state on us, statists!

Obvious parody of "Cyanide and Happiness" is obvious.