Saturday, November 1, 2014

#003: Ayn Rand

Statists like John Oliver and Bill Maher seem to think that libertarians only believe in libertarianism because they read Ayn Rand in high school. This is ironic, since these statists probably only know about libertarianism because they read Rand in high school! Just ask them if they can name any other libertarian authors. Chances are their minds will draw a blank as they can’t name any. They probably also don’t know that Rand herself never identified as libertarian!

While many libertarians have read Ayn Rand and drew inspiration from her, not all of them have read her work or became libertarians because if it. And as I said before, Rand herself never identified as a libertarian. She was purely an objectivist. Libertarianism, as a philosophy, stretches farther back than her novel Atlas Shrugged, and as such, there is a much more vast collection of libertarian literature, both fiction and non.

As for me, I was first drawn into libertarianism though the television programs of both John Stossel and Penn Jillette. I would go on to learn more about the political philosophy through the writings of Jack Hunter, Lew Rockwell, and the Good Doctor himself, Ron Paul. I delved even deeper with the writings of intellectual minds such as Federic Bastiat, Murray Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, and H.L. Mencken. All of these fine gentlemen have influenced my libertarian outlook, and all without me cracking open Atlas Shrugged (which I have yet to read even to this day).

Of course, I don’t expect statists to know who any of these people are. That would require reading, which tends to make you think—and if statists could think, they would not be statists to begin with!

For anyone curious in reading actual libertarian literature, I highly recommend watching Julie Borowski’s video here.

And for anyone interested in reading some great libertarian novels that aren’t Atlas Shrugged, watch this video here.

Obvious parody of "Cyanide and Happiness" is obvious.